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    A multi-faceted software development company focused on engineering solutions, big data acquisition, GIS interfacing and sensor integration

We are the choice technology solutions provider for an international customer base including small businesses, enterprises and government.

  • Engineering Solutions

    Experience in managing, supporting and constructing engineering and technology solutions with an over $30 Billion lifetime budget.

  • Big Data Acquisition

    Over 50+ years combined experience in data acquisition, server architecture and data processing techniques including work with Mongo, Cassandra, Oracle and MySQL to name a few.

  • GIS Interfacing

    Three decades combined experience in GIS interfacing and mapping technologies including ArcGIS, ESRI and Google maps.

  • Sensor Integration

    Over 15,000 + miles of long and short distance sensor integration across a multitude of platforms and management databases and dashboards

Integrate, Optimize, and Enhance Your Work.

With our deep knowledge and understanding of systems, sensors and integration our engineers create adaptable, flexible and cross-platform systems that not only add efficiency and value to an industry, company or government but also provide a user experience and level of interaction that is unprecedented.

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